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Photography re-emerged

At the end of my morning run, this image popped out next to me.
I had to get my camera and play with this.
It was great to go back to my photo roots and use the red filter.
– nature has brought me back to photography again.
Thank you!

kreutergarten winter stille

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Nature meets art in December

Nature meets art

Nature meets art

It is snowing outside
– this plant decides to unfold it’s flower inside
in front a painting from my husband
– I had to continue with this series, after a very long break.

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Photos not on the road any more

„Stille Reflektion“ / “Quiet reflections”
This was a nice 2 day show at Demeter Weingut Bertram Isele, Achkarren

These images were taken at the winery of Bertram Isele in Achkarren, Kaiserstuhl. This is an older winery and Bertram has taken it over from his father who was a pioneer in his time as one of the first Demeter winemakers. I spend some quiet hours just feeling what kind of impressions I got and seeing the light as it changed with the day. These images follow a theme “Nostalgia” that I have been working on over the past few years. It is a personal project that still has a lot to explore and develop. I am searching for my next place to put my camera up and see what happens…



all photographs are copyright 2014 von Maj Britt Vorgrimmler

Thank you Mika and Bertram

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2014 Exhibtions for mbhstudios, photography

2014 Upcoming Exhibitions

01 – 31.05.2014: “Panorama” a small solo photo exhibition in the Galeri im Weingut, Freiburg-Munzingen

31.05 & 01.06, 2014: solo photo exhibition at the weinery Weingut Bertram Isele, Achkarren


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Newly Published book!


“The Case of the Short-fingered Musketeer”

Russ Hodger, writer, photography: Maj Britt Hansen and Philipp Maass, designer Nicola Graf and the painter Stephen T. Johnson, cover.

ISBN 978-3-00-041057-4

Published by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Germany

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Autumn colours: just because it is beautiful

wine vine leaf in autumn

and another one!SpŠtburgunder BlŠtter

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art, design and nature

Roses in a handmade ceramic vase, on handmade wooden table with an oil painting from one of my favorite and nature series nr. 12

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Art meets Nature #02

another painting has ventured out. the painting is the view from this plant/flower, when it is not being weighted down from the morning dew.

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Art meets Nature – first outing….

I took this painting from last year of chamomile in the garden under the arm and brought it out to meet the chamomile of this year (as a back ground). A new way of having art meet nature.

Lets see what will come from this new idea. I already have a few paitnings in mind as well as the suitable flowers. I am just waiting for them to bloom…..

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